Our Difference

check-mark-3-24 1Affordable and Timely

Because we formed with small and medium business in mind our services are always affordable without compromising on professionalism and efficiency.

We also place great emphasis on being timely – this means that you can rest assured that your work will be done on time. No more penalties or late fees from the IRD to you.

check-mark-3-24 1Free Advice for Clients

Talking with Intouch Accountants is always free. 

You are welcome to call, email when you have any questions or are unsure of anything.

It could be a question of can you claim this, how do you do that or what's the best way to structure this - we can help - you just need to ask, we're always happy to help!

check-mark-3-24 1Fixed Fees

We will always give you our fees upfront so that you know how much our service will cost. We do not keep increasing fees year on year. If any deviation from the fixed fee is required, we will consult with you upfront.

Our services are always affordable and knowing what it will cost gives our clients peace of mind.

All you need to do is give us a call and we will provide a quote for the work usually just by asking a few simple questions.

check-mark-3-24 1Various Payment Options

We offer yearly and monthly payment options to all clients. Quite often clients prefer to pay on a monthly basis so that they are not landed with a large bill at year end. We find that the monthly option works well for most clients as it helps their cashflow. 

check-mark-3-24 1Excellent Communication

Timely Communication is key in our business. 

From answering / returning your calls and emails diligently to keeping you updated on progress of your work every step of the way - we pride ourselves as being excellent in our timely communication. With us - we guarantee that you will not have to re-call or re-email us about your query ever - we will get back to you the first time -every time. We also guarantee that you will not be in the "dark" about the stage your accounts are at - we will communicate with you at all stages of our work. 


check-mark-3-24 1Free Consultation at your Convenience

Consultation is Free. We even come to you at a time which is convenient to you. Yes this includes weekends and weeknights. We understand that running a small business is time consuming and you would rather attend to your customers during your business hours. In light of this we decided that our consultation time should extend to when you are free and available to talk about your business.


check-mark-3-24 1Registered Tax Agent

We are a Registered Tax Agent and have a close working relationship with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

Contacting IRD isn't exactly a favourite with most people - being put on hold and getting the right people on the line can be frustrating.

As our client we talk to the IRD on your behalf.



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